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Exam Preparation

One step at a time............

Having worked with Secondary School/sixth-form students for many years I understand the importance of additional

tuition, particularly in response to the ever-changing Curriculum!

I provide 1:1  (or in selected very small groups) tuition for G.C.S.E. /'A' level students tailored specifically to their needs.

I will give particular attention to the development of 'The Book' as well as constant referral to specific

Exam Board requirements.

I am happy (under your direction) to liaise with teachers about the direction and progress of students' Artwork.

As an Invigilator in the past at Highgate Wood School N8, one of my roles was to provide students with support and advice within the Art department, as well as liaising and implementing staff instructions in relation to students' work.



All 1:1 Tutorials cost £50/session. 
Class duration: 1 hour
(bookable in advance)


Please contact me to fit in with your requirements.

All professional quality materials are included.  
Students need to show a portfolio of working pieces for full appraisal and advice so we can progress together.

Current D.B.S. certificate.

Advanced First Aid training and use in the workplace.

Health and safety awareness in the work environment.

Working use of Child Protection Policy.


Please contact 'Susan Carter Art in N8' via email: or

Tel: 07507060840 for secure bank transfer payment. Cash/cheque payment also accepted.

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