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Examples of Artwork from my recent adult and children's classes.
In the adults' class on a Tuesday morning, we produced our own designs based on the work of the Art Nouveau artist Mucha's 'Winter'.

      From one of my children's groups on a Thursday afternoon, everyone produced these                  sensitive coloured pencil studies from a real still life of cacti and succulents. 



Art in N8 is run by Susan Carter. 
I am a 
local Artist and Art teacher providing Painting
and Drawing 
classes separately for adults and children.
Water-colour techniques (my primary medium of choice)
are the main focus for the classes. 
Preparatory sketches in charcoal/pencil and explorations
other mediums (oil and soft pastels, acrylics etc.)
and printing 
techniques will also be developed.
We will be discovering many aspects of Art including focusing
on the use of colour, form, perspective and texture in the pursuit
of your amazing finished Artworks.
Each block of  sessions will follow a particular theme as a
starting point for your own interpretations.
We will also be looking at other Artists' work as guidance and inspiration.
I'll be on hand to help you with lots of tips and advice throughout your journey.
The adventure is just beginning!

Rokesly Juniors after school Art club                                                                     Painting  in Queen's  Wood N8                                                     

1st class 12.09.16 (2).JPG




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